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Sunday 14 April 2013

Logic, Or the Semblance of It

Do you think the sun orbits the sun?  Likely not, but there was a time that was a common perspective. 
Racism (or any stigma, really) is a variant on the same theme - them Other folk aren't as human as you are and as such, not deserving of the rights and freedoms that are the sole property of mankind.  It's universal, this - we matter, you don't.  We have the moral authority to impose upon you, but the reverse would be a travesty.
Might makes right in business, in politics, in bullying, in rape.  At least, many of us feel that way.
In truth, though, there is one massively complex system that includes the furthest-flung galaxies and the most microcosmic of organisms.  We sentient humans are somewhere in the middle, unremarkable to anyone but ourselves except for one thing - we have the capacity to be conscious of the big picture
We don't always - often enough, we settle for shadows or cheap facsimiles.
At our best, though, we know that we're part of a whole that is infinitely more than the sum of its parts - and aim to offer a meaningful contribution, maybe leave a bit of a mark behind.
Call it social genetics.


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