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Friday 19 April 2013

The CPC - On a Roll, In a Spiral Or Just Plain AWOL?

That's the CPC's new line, now - we don't have time for talkfests, we need action - and if we don't get it we'll pull out, damned the consequences!  Although unilateral action never really seems to follow, either.  In fact, CPC action tends to be in the away-from direction.  Not very bold and leader-like, but maybe that's just me.

Funny thing, though; when other people come up with non-partisan solutions to problems impacting all MPs - and therefore, their constituents, the people of Canada - Team Harper seems to find reasons to delay action, don't they?  Pushing for more debate on a bill in its final stages kinda implies that more, not less, talking is required.

Whatever works for your context, I guess.  Just hope nobody is mapping out and infographicing your inconsistencies; that would really suck to deal with over an election.

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