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Thursday 28 April 2016

In Light of the Seven

Faith of the Seven

The Father

The Mother - Dany?

The Maiden

The Crone - Melisandre

The Warrior

The Smith

The Stranger


Twice a year, a few folk selected by the PM and his team from a selective and partisan group retreat from the world together and chat about the interconnectivity of issues and broader partisan/government strategy.

Let that think in for a second.

There's a better way to do this; a hub-and-spoke model of civic engagement that better suits our current circumstances than a model of governance that predates the industrial revolution, much less the post-industrial world.

Monday 25 April 2016

When the Just Society isn't.

A Wake-Up call for Responsible Politicians

Somewhere, there are some busy backroom people annoyed that they have to spend time on stuff like this.  It's a total distraction from the really important stuff, like winning.  So long as MPPs keep their heads down, say the right things and raise the right funds, why should part folk have to worry about all this other stuff?  They's already got some P&Ps, and there are laws, - it's someone else's job to be the enforcers.

They aren't responsible for that.  

"I told you so" isn't my thing.  I just hope that some of these folk will maybe, hopefully recognize that when I offer warnings, they aren't threats - they're predictions.  

Hopefully, the people in power won't try to push away the lessons here, assuming this is a problem that will go away.  Hopefully they will internalize, and learn, and take responsibility.

It's an example leaders need to set, because whatever the example, that's what the people will follow.