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Monday 6 February 2017

So how do these things connect?

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PMO’s new Canada-U.S. relations ‘war room’ unit seen as ‘smart,’ considered unprecedented

Ottawa’s anti-radicalization centre to look at all forms of hate including alt-right: Goodale

CSIS Highlights White Supremacist Threat Ahead Of Radical Islam

Canada has a natural constituency for Trump to tap into - not many, but enough Canadians buy into pieces of is narrative, anyway.  And ultra-right media are ready and willing to fan the flames.

Yes, there's the trade front, and other areas of trans-national engagement that will be impacted by this.  
We equally have to be consequences of what potential reactions will be here at home.

This doesn't mean standing up to Trump is worth the effort; doing the right thing always is.

Even more important, especially now, is not wavering from what we stand for.