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Thursday 18 April 2013

Homework for the CPC

You're a Member of Canada's governing Party. 
You may even be a frickin' Minister with power and budgets and stuff, yet still you have all these opposition people, science-y people and various combinations of socialist, separatist, environmentalist, communist, thug-huggers, comedians and latte-drinking liberals asking you to provide information you don't want to, tell the truth when you do speak and while you're at it, speak to the big issues that are plaguing the Canadian people and the health of our democracy.
It can be very taxing trying to rule a democracy.  When you don't always get your way, when people question you and when you're supposed to admit when you're wrong, it's not surprising you occasionally get angry.  Just from time to time.
I empathize with you.  Honest, I do - anger isn't good for your health and limits your efficacy.  We want everyone to reach their personal maximum potential so they can dedicate same to the strength of our society, don't we?  We move forward together and that includes you.  :o)
So, here's some homework for ya.  It's not very taxing at all - you just need to dedicate a bit of time to a social medium.  Be prepared to work some muscles you don't generally use, though, but believe me, you'll be happy you did.
Then, for bonus points, look at these, too.
Doesn't that feel better?
It's amazing how a bit of shared sunshine can turn your world around, isn't it?

Hugs and kittens,



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