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Friday 28 February 2014

Why Leaders Should Think Before They Speak

Cognitive science is fascinating stuff.  It bridges realms from mental health to leadership to creativity and, of course, communication.

Despite what we like to tell ourselves, human beings are not rational actors.  This is even more true when we have such utter confidence in ourselves that we never pause to consider why we come to certain conclusions.  The less you think something through, the more it's your reactive brain that's in charge.  

It's one way to live your life, certainly.  It's what we were originally designed for.  But now that we're capable of so much more, isn't it a sin not to use our cognitive tools to the furthest extent of their efficacy and actually nudge into rational-actor territory?

Roles of Intuition and Cognition in Decision Making

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  1. Craig, thank you for the link and diagram in your post. I appreciate it. Yes, people do need to be more conscious of the words they use. ~Mike