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Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Arrogance of Man

Man against himself - not an issue when that man is delusionally confident, right?

Man against man - it's about what gets taken away from you, or who you can vilify as justification for taking more.

But it's man vs. nature that reminds us what real power truly is.  Twitter trolls, empire-builders, Wall Street narcissists and psychopathic dictators can rise to the top of the social heap, but no amount of money or bluster can save you when the storm hits.

You can't spin it, deny it or gain from it - all that does is create panic.

The temerity of thinking otherwise will always, always be man's downfall.

One of the reasons it's a good thing it's increasingly not up to just us.

There's really only one way to prepare for apocalyptic disasters, don't you know...

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