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Thursday 27 February 2014

It Pays to Think Big Picture

Now, I get where Hudak's coming from, both politically and policy-wise.  Jobs matter.  Jobs employ Ontarians, reduce the mental strain that comes with unemployment and increase government tax revenue to pay for public services.
Public services like healthcare.  Healthcare is increasingly expensive, largely because of a political need to focus on tangible wins results in little focus being paid to the nitty-gritty, structural solutions that could make a difference.
That, and a lack of political will to connect the dots between tax expenditures on services and information/promotion around things like healthy living education. 
From a political perspective, the Hudak Tories are focused on individual rights, how government takes them away and how only their Party can stop regulation creep from making it harder for people to do whatever they want.  Right To Work kind of fit this narrative.
But they're out today, discussing the need to treat mental health equally important to mental health.  This is the right approach to take, but mental health and mental resiliency has a lot to do with overall physical health - including healthy eating and social education.
It just so happens that when people eat better, they're healthier in both mind and body - making it easier for them to participate in society and gain meaningful employment.
If we are what we eat, the same applies at the social level.  A health social diet must look at jobs, health and everything else in a balanced, integrated, contextual way.
Which is why it pays to think big picture.
“While we’re counting on creating more jobs, your focus is on counting calories,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak taunted this week as he called on the government to set aside its disclosure proposal.

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