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Thursday 27 February 2014

Inside The Sausage: Why Open Government Matters #2

Why We Must Say What We Mean -Meaning It Creates Alignment

When we are clear about our values, thought processes, and rationale, our teams get a behind-the-scenes view of our choices.  It is far easier for team members to align with a vision they fully understand.

Sometimes differing circumstances warrant differing responses.  If I don't understand the how and why behind that, though, I might see nothing but hypocrisy.

And if I'm part of your team - a political staffer, for instance - what example are you setting for me to follow?

It may be true that the people don't want to see inside the sausage making process of politics, but they can't influence it otherwise, can they?

Even if you don't want the people engaged, there are consequences to closed-door policies.  We're seeing them manifest themselves right now in Canada.

It's a good thing the solution's emerging, isn't it?

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