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Thursday 6 March 2014

Neither Left Nor Right

The political right likes to say they would/do run government like a business.

They must make poor businessmen - or at best, antiquated ones.  Their "hard" approach has been proven to be maladaptive to the needs of today's complexity.  

Of course, so too has the "everybody be friends" approach generally equated with the political left.

Which is why it would be a step backwards to polarize our system into a unified left vs. unified right dichotomy, as they have in the States.

The goal isn't to beat the other guys, to force them to be like you or to give in and be just like them.

Integrated operations, like a social nervous system.  That's the way forward.

But you don't have to take it from me - it's what all the actual management consultants are saying.

Too bad we have economists for leaders - they seem maladapted to committing the sociology required by the times.

When we stop vacillating left and right, we can get back to moving onwards and upwards.  That's where the future is.

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