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Monday 3 March 2014

The Fair Election Act: How Manning's Monster Became the Institution

I wonder how well Poilievre understands Canada's Constitution.  Canadians don't elect governments, we elect Parliamentarians.  It's by convention only that the Party with the most seats ends up both holding government to account and being the government.

We all know how that's worked out - Partisan Parties now rule the roost, dictating what Parliamentarians say and shaping policy.  Again - these are bodies that are not constitutionally bound to Canada's government in any way.

Now the Tories and their carefully-constructed fundraising/Permanent Campaign machine want to ensure it is these beholden-to-themselves Political Parties that have sole responsibility for reaching out to voters and encouraging them to vote.

It's governance by shrinking the water hole.  I'm sure Poilievre and co think they're being very clever, but what they're practically doing is ensuring more and more Canadians aren't represented by Parliament, aren't engaged democratically and have less capacity for holding government to account.

You have to feel bad for Preston Manning - this is the exact opposite of what he wanted for Canada when he first brought Harper into the Reform fold.

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