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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Consciousness is Freedom (There's No Going Back)

Rob Ford may have changed out politics is done, but social media has changed how politicians are held to account.

And there's no going back.

Responsible Government

Responsible Journalism

Responsible Society

Responsible Individual

Living Consciously

These may all sound like bumper-sticker slogans or hopey-changey jargon, but these concepts are more like plot points in our unfolding human story.

There is power, and then there is responsibility.  One precedes the others in fits and spurts, trickling down in varying consistency from the dominant few to the empowered masses.

We talk of freedom, but too often what we mean is "consequence free."  That's how Rob Ford has tried to live; it doesn't work.  He's a man clearly not in control of himself and paying the consequences for his inability to own his behaviour.

The truly free individual is slave to no one, not even themselves.  They understand the pull of reactive and proactive drives like car wheels on a slippery road, finding the balance between rage and serenity.

Consciousness is freedom - and that's the truth.

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