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Monday 3 March 2014

Kimmels Advice to Ford (UPDATED)

Nobody ever expected the Mayor to be perfect, whatever that means.  There's a solid argument to be made that he owes the people nothing more than doing what he campaigned to (which, arguably, he hasn't, but that's a different story).
But you are Mayor, Your Worship.  That does mean something; it means you are leader of the City of Toronto, not tax-saver in chief.  So lead. 
Leaders provide hope to others.  They show courtesy and the ability to work with.  Above all else, though - leaders lead by example.

UPDATE 4/3/14 - some wisdom from the Globe and Mail:

We've gotten to a place in Canadian politics where opposition is evil, period.  Our "leaders" suck at taking advice and are quick to pillory anyone who criticizes them.  At the same time, the decisons being made by these leaders are increasingl vacuous, off-target or even harmful to our long-term interests.

Why should we care about politics instead of being cynically dismissive?  That's why.

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