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Friday 21 February 2014

The Solution to Stigma is Community

I love this story; it captures so many of the positive themes that are out there, waiting to be connected, that can only be connected when people get past what they can take or what others are getting and instead focus on what they can give.

Alvena Little-Wolf Ear made one of the toughest decisions a person can make - to get out from under bullying the hard way, but in the only way that solves the problem.  

She didn't walk away.  She didn't hit back or take our frustrations on someone else to build a reputation for toughness.

Nope.  She decided to build on her own strength and become a rock for others.

This is the kind of hero we like to hold up as a model - the kind that overcomes any obstacle to win in the final act.  But the truth is, not everyone can do what Alvena has done.  Not everyone is cut out to be a leader.

But when we have leaders - true leaders, the kind with visions and determination to help others - they can empower peers and complete strangers to follow in their path.

This is the kind of leader we need today; not the ones who rise above, but the ones who build community.

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