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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Envisioning Canada's Future: Strong Individuals for a Strong Society

In Canadian politics, we've gotten used to looking for strong leaders to maintain stable societies through a stern-father approach.  You'd think that, given his personal brand and name recognition, Trudeau would be leaning more heavily on his super-star appeal.
But governing isn't about being a superstar - it's about leading and more specifically, leading from the front.  This isn't what Harper does; he micro-manages from the back.  Mulcair is front-and-centre, but he likes being there enough that his team isn't sharing his spotlight - and Canadians aren't getting to know them.  Leaders don't demand that their front lines cow town to middle managers - they empower everyone from top to bottom to own and be part of realizing their vision.
We've also gotten away from the notion of "teach a person to fish" and seeing infrastructure as more than a make-work project.  In fact, we've gotten away from the notion of community; Canada is now seen as a nation full of independent consumers and special interest groups instead of a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts.
Team Trudeau has a long way to in terms of earning trust, properly identifying our collective problems and co-designing shared solutions to carry us forward.  They've also got some internal cultural challenges that are inevitable when you have people weaned on the old system trying to envision a new one.
But they're getting there.
Having said that, if I hear anyone in their ranks say "strong individuals for a strong society," I'm sending KT an invoice.

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