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Thursday 20 February 2014

Horse Drivers and Outlaws: Politics IS Tribalism

I'm not sure Kate Heartfield would have written this piece were she not an editorialist in need of attention-getting opinions to present.  I would hope she realizes that politics doesn't run on intelligence, at all.  Good guys and bad guys, scapegoats, countless dollars donated to Parties that are telling us we don't have enough money in our pockets to function?  

Partisan framing tugs at emotions.  It concocts coalitions to deliver wins.  Then it looks at policy.  It's audience, issue, emotion and then, at the tail end, appeals to our self-delusions of being rational actors.

Partisan politics is tribal.  It is anything but rational.  And until we consciously accept that our strings are being pulled by vested interests who are just as trapped using Plato's Desktop as they try to develop a newer, tablet-y version of politics, it'll stay this way. 

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