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Sunday 16 February 2014

Post Political Cynicism: What Comes Next?

Few will know the story of Topf und Sonne, but therein lies the true narrative of laissez-faire capitalism in its purist form.  There are few lines we can draw within ourselves that, when the sun rises again, we can live with what we've done under the cover of darkness.
But the sun also rises, as it must, and brings with it new horizons.  There's a reason why visionaries are optimistic - they can sense the warm rays of dawn even when night is at it's darkest.
Which it isn't - not yet. 
But then we all know that it's always darkest before then, don't we? 
It's okay to despair the cynicism of our times, and even to fall victim to it occasionally - unless you aim to be a leader.  People don't look to leaders for despair; they can despair on their own. 
The job of leaders is to provide hope and direction. 

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