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Saturday 22 February 2014

This Just In: There's Just Us

It's a grand tradition in most arts not politics; you introduce your hero's secret strength early on in the story, tease it as drawback at the end of the First Act, bring it back to a hopeful theme at the end of the Second and then build to your climax where the hero prevails.

People wanted it to happen, hoped it would happen, and are rewarded with a satisfying conclusion.
So, yeah - I approve.  But we're not into the Final Act yet, are we?

The Tories are about the win, and they won't like the idea of losing a majority to an upstart.  Harper especially.  They're going to be looking for anything and everything they can do to further their narrative that Trudeau is unpredictable, unstable even, and certainly not up to the job of leadership.

Which, of course, brings us back to another story-telling trope of unintended consequences getting more predictable as desperation sets in for the piece's villain.  They won't believe you if you try to tell them that, though - it's an empire thing.

That's the trick with great stories; it's not about the story teller, it's about the experience of their vision.

An experience that creates community, builds around a theme grander than any player, part or stage.

And if that's not quintessentially Canadian, what is?

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