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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Advice No One Will Listen To

True, this - and all three Parties have lots at stake going in to this budget/pre-election.

According to conventional political wisdom, this means they are less likely to work together now than ever - can't be seen to be weak and propping when the big prize is on the table now, can we?

Which is why I find it hard to believe any Party is going to look seriously into the one issue that ties all others together - jobs, innovation, healthcare, poverty, justice, even traffic.

If the voting public gets really pissed off with political shenanigans and gets no sense of forward momentum from the Legislature as a whole, however, that may change.  Under the right circumstances, you never know what politicians might be open to.

In the meantime, individual candidates looking to get ahead of the curve on an emerging issue would do well do dig a little deeper into this whole mental health thing - it'd do them all kinds of good.

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