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Friday 14 February 2014

Tim Hudak's True Colours

Two parts to this.  

First - I'm sure the people of Niagara would be surprised to know that the seat reserved for their elected representative belongs to the PCs.  Unless, of course, they belong to the PCs, too.  I don't think that's an assertion Hudak wants to be making.

Never mind that Hudak is borrowing from Rob Ford's rhetoric - it's the level playing field thing that interests me.

This is the same Tim Hudak who has repeatedly stood against creating a level playing field for Ontarians; he wants less support for poorer families, less support for persons with disabilities both physical and mental and no unions to represent the interest of individual employees against employing corporations.

When it comes to everyone else, Hudak tells us it's not about equality, it's about competition; you want to have stiff competition, as that forces you to perform better.  If we got rid of social services, regulation and unions, people would be forced to work harder, be more strategic and do better.  

Following this logic, he should have been delighted to have big unions throwing their influence into the mix, as it would force him to work harder, work smarter and maybe even adapt to the challenges he's facing.

That's not what he's done, though.  Instead, he's spouting the exact same complaints he did when he lost in 2012.  

To reiterate:

- Hudak feels entitled to the Niagara Falls seat
- He doesn't trust voters and thinks big money/influence shapes their choices
- He won a seat, yet is focusing on who to blame for losing the other one
- His blame this time looks an awful lot like the blame he cast last time - it hasn't changed, nor has he

Entitled, doesn't trust voters, focuses on blame, doesn't learn from mistakes, doesn't adapt from one challenge to the next.  Oh - and definitely doesn't like it when other kids play in what he feels is his sandbox.

That's the sort of Premier Tim Hudak would make.

But hey, at least he's consistent.

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