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Friday 22 March 2013

Andrew Coyne's Reading List

Andrew Coyne's a pretty smart fella - so when he talks with measured confidence about entrepreneurialism, labour health/productivity and innovation, I'm sure he's done his homework and therefore knows of what he types.
Some of the material he may have perused in his research:
A Mentally Healthy Workforce - It's Good For Business (Partnership for Workplace Mental Health)
Age, Education and Illness Behaviour (Singapore Medical Journal)
Does Job Satisfaction Improve the Health of Workers? (Institute for the Study of Labor)
Guarding Minds at Work: A Workplace Guide to Occupational Health and Safety (Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction)
The Consequences of Micromanaging (Kenneth E. Fracaro)
The Unheralded Business Crisis in Canada (Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health)
School of Hard Knocks (Annie Murphy Paul Reviewing Paul Tough 'How Children Succeed')
The Hypomanic Edge (John D. Gartner)
There are 25 articles here; many are lengthy and pretty much all of them will strain your brain. 
I could offer some recommendations on priority reading - I could even organize them into sub-groups and colour coordinate them.  But again, Coyne's a smart guy, an independent thinker and pretty entrepreneurial himself. 
Folk like that don't need guidance, do they?  They always rise to the top and end up calling the shots, which is why we're where we are today.

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