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Monday 16 July 2012

The Fall of the House of Harper

One of my favourite personages from history is Alexander the Great - a leader, a man of passions, a visionary, but also someone who built a cult of personality around himself alone and pushed the boundaries and patience of his empire too far.  None of his generals could capture what he created; none could even think quite as big.  So, the empire Alexander built fell.

Stephen Harper is no Iskander; he has centralized control, set himself up as "Napoleon" for his Party, but all the things that have helped him rise will be the downfall of the empire he has built from the bottom up.

Truly, I feel bad for him - Harper will not be remembered by history too kindly.  In fact, a hundred years from now, nobody will talk much about him at all.  It's the problems that will follow his reign that everyone will rue.

That, however, is the fate Canadians have elected.  When you focus on firewalls and empire-building, it will always be thus.

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