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Friday 20 July 2012

Puzzling Behaviour

See if we can connect the dots between:

  - A gut-instinct that makes one feel like apocalyptic closure is inevitable.

  - A single-minded focus on individual interests.

  - The urge to model behaviours we see as empowering to our inner inclinations (mafiosos copying the
    Godfather, shooters dressing up as Bane, Kick-Ass, any kid that plays make-believe)

  - A lack of in-depth consideration of broader consequence, to ourselves or others.

  - An inconsiderate amount of attention being paid to risk.

  - Violence.

There's a puzzle here that isn't too hard to put together; we just have to be conscious in doing so.  Like any 3D puzzle it's easiest to start with the pieces at the centre.  Where does behaviour originate?

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