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Monday 25 August 2014

Doors Open Democracy

A worthwhile read, with some interesting insights into the mindset of the war room.  As I've written before, there's something romantic and dangerous about being a political operative, practicing the "dark arts" as not a few people in politics call it. 
Smart folks don't take these kinds of risks without wanting some suitable form of recompense.  Even if they simply enjoy bare-knuckle brawling, they are brawling for you and not someone else for a reason that goes beyond the public good.
Only one leader gets the keys to the company castle.  They don't take advice from everyone.  That's not the way it works.  Access, the quiet knowledge that you made the king and brought down pretenders - that's heady stuff.
All this is worth considering as the municipal election draws to a head and as the federal election looms ever closer.  Kinsella is right - war rooms will be kicking into high gear. 
You can't take the risk out of war - but can you take the war out of politics?
To me, this reality provides more evidence for why we need to open up those backrooms, connect elected officials more directly with constituents and generally let a bit of light into the cave that government has systematically dug itself into.
It should never be about who has the keys, but who's best able to open the door to government for the people.

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