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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Authentic Leadership

I can easily rhyme off dozens of people in positions of leadership who've gotten less authentic the further up the ladder they go.  They do this for expedience; it's assumed people are motivated by the right messages delivered in the right way, so these message-leaders will say what it takes to get the results they want.

Look at folks like Rob Ford or Pierre Poilievre for some of the most egregious examples out there.  Do they believe what they say?  Does belief even matter to them?

If these sorts of bosses make you angry enough, you might be stirred to momentary action, but as with any tantrum, there's inevitably an embarrassed headache that follows.

Which Political Party or leader has faked it successfully without losing their integrity?  What is it the people are craving most right now?

It comes down to this - to thine own self be true.  If you stay authentic, practice patience and seek to build understanding, you may never be famous, but you will be a leader.

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