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Saturday 5 April 2014

A Kingdom of Consciousness

Language, by its nature, is metaphorical and infused with cultural meaning mapped onto the thing we describe itself.

Hell is a place to us, not a representation of the consumptive nature of dopamine addiction.

The Garden of Eden, blocked from us by a flaming sword (a metaphor for knowledge found across world myths with varying positive or negative connotations) is a paradise lost, not the catalyization of consciousness emergent.

There's no romance in connecting a concept like "God is love" with the behavioural influences of oxytocin any more than there is mystery in suggesting that it's understanding, not dominance, that makes us whole.

Conscience, I would argue, doesn't make us cowards - but it does make us mindful.  Mindfulness, in addition to helping us emerge from cognitive darkness, provides a sense of fulfillment that's not dependent on hoarding resources, but is amplified as one contributes to the growth and resilience of their whole community.

It's when we see that piece of ourselves reflected in our neighbour and they through us that the underlying current of all these metaphors and parables becomes clear.


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