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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ontario's Unions Are Asking The Wrong Question

What is the Labour Movement's end goal?  To stop Tories from gaining power to protect existing gains?  

What is Hudak's goal, but the undercutting of organized labour so as to free up the market?

Good luck to the both of them.  They've misidentified the problem and are therefore pursuing the wrong path.

Labour, at least in theory, wants a happy, healthy, properly compensated and sustainable workforce.  

That's would be a good thing for our economy, which is what Hudak theoretically wants - more business in Ontario for a stronger economy to support infrastructure and be there for those who really need it.

Which, in turn, is good for workers, because when they know their kids are in safe schools, getting the preparation they need for future success; when they know public infrastructure is safe and dependable and when they know the resources they need if something should go wrong - illness, an accident, etc - are there, then they can focus more intently on work.

But practice is not theory and behavioural economics is not about money or sustainability.

Labour is a Political Party.  The Hudak Conservatives function like a Union.  Emphasis is placed on leadership and control by those who want to be influential, but to the detriment of the people who are actually counting on the institution to have their back.

When it becomes about winning, not achieving, etc.

If you want to solve a problem, people, don't stand against - work together.

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