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Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Apple Bites Back: Gay Marriage, the Free Market and Social Evolution

Workplace morale, of course, impacts productivity and innovation.  So do does diversity - the more perspectives you can bring to the table, the more ideas you'll have to make magic with.  You don't attract diverse recruits by stigmatizing entire demographics - in the war for talent, brogrammers will be the losers

Of course, there will be those who argue that letting gays into the institution of marriage will reduce the morale of those who are there now.  It's the same argument, essentially, that was given to keep women from voting and to keep black folk at the back of the bus. 

There are always those who wish to conserve traditions in social stasis - on the Rogers Adoption Bell Curve, these folk are known as laggards.  They don't understand why we aren't investing in more horses and bayonets, deny the demise of the longsheet and feel a sense of nostalgia for the horse and buggy.

Of course, you can't stop the tides of time from flowing - progress is inevitable and to survive, one must adapt.  You might prefer the typewriter, but your kids are digital natives.  Similarly, you might take issue with your kid dating someone of a different ethnicity, but they won't have that problem.  I suppose you could isolate yourself and your family behind a firewall; the Ottoman Empire tried to, as did feudal Japan.  There's a lesson in that.
The best part is, the supposed bastions of traditionalists conservatives - the free market, free speech, etc - are actually speeding up the trend.  Marketing is all about turning wants into needs and endearing one's product to customers - forward-thinking companies like Target are always trying to expand into new markets. 

If you are national in your scope, you don't mind upsetting a vocally conservative minority who will boycott your iProduct because you support gays - everyone else will buy even more of your stuff in support of your noble purpose AND quality of your product

Do conservative movements precede periods of inclusive social change, increased diversity and all that hopey changey stuff?  Call it societal brushfire - or better yet, creative destruction.

If history teaches anything, perhaps it's this: once you take a bite out of the Apple, there's simply no going back - you can only move forward, together.
 UPDATE DEC 31 2013:  Rumours abound that George Clooney is gay.  He's not going to deny such rumours, coming out with false horror at the accusation - why should he?  To shout out "those are lies!" will only fuel the speculation and offend some of his audience.  Instead, he uses such rumours as opportunities to address the fallacy of homophobia.  The intrigue (and attention) keeps coming and he endears himself to a broader audience.

Social justice as brand-building.  That's smart.

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