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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Who Shall Lead?

  - Carol Goar, The Toronto Star

There it is again - we need a leader

I have heard this from academia, from the world of finance, from Not-For-Profits, from the public services, from teachers, students, parents, seniors, from government, from all walks of life across every cultural and social divide imaginable.  The world is changing, the models we have relied on for so long are simply not up to tomorrow's challenges - and nobody quite knows what comes next.

Everyone is waiting for someone to bring forth one answer that is so clear, so irrefutable, that we'll all have no option but to follow the singular path laid down before us.  Alas, the only thing that seems irrefutable is the KISS principle: even when we have seen that message brought forward as part of a broader context, we miss it, focusing on the trees rather than the forest. 

Of course we're talking societal development, economics and poverty, here - not religion.  Yet there's a common theme, isn't there?  It's not for us to take responsibility, think impossibly broadly, make the tough choices, risk being wrong and then owning our mistakes; that's someone else's job, right?

It all keeps bringing me back to this quote from LOST:

Whoever you feel we are waiting for, consider this - leaders don't come down from on high, they emerge from within.  Same is as true in business, politics, social revolutions and industrial revolutions as it is in every major world religion being practiced today.

If you're religious, call it God manifesting through His/Her/Its own creation.  If you're not, consider it social evolution.  Either way, the leadership we seek is already here; all that remains is for us to become conscious of that fact.

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