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Thursday 6 March 2014

The Armageddon Poncho

Some people fear the Zombie Apocalypse and dedicate all kinds of resources to building the Zombie Firehouse.  From a psychological point of view, this is about fearing the intentions/capability of The Inscrutable Other and trying to firewall them off from yourself.  

I have no fear of others and therefore no concern about an impending zombie apocalypse.  I do, however, enjoy the concept of post-apocalyptic survival.  This is a different kind of anxiety, one that focuses on being prepared to weather unpredictable circumstances in a volatile world.  The exact opposite of standing ground behind castle walls; it's about portability and adaptability.  

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With this in mind, I have an ever-evolving Emergency Preparedness kit that I call The Apocalypse Backpack - partially as a nod to CSIS, but also to recall my younger years as a globe-trotting backpacker when I literally did live out of my bag.

While I have an army surplus poncho that I enjoy (it works as a poncho, a tarp and a lean-to) it's not exactly what I want.  

My dream-poncho is thicker and more resistant in its texture (like oilskin, except not as greasy).  In addition to buttons down the side for fastening, my poncho would be more like the Russian model to the right with a third set of buttons extending down from the hood.

This version would also come with a similarly-buttoned poncho liner that would also work as a blanket or a ground mat.  It would be nylon-lined on one side for durability and water/wind-proofing.  The other side would be all about warmth.

I haven't found anything quite like this on the market - if you see something, let me know.  If it doesn't exist, here's a great opportunity for someone to craft and pitch a great element protection/sleep system that would keep you dry, keep you warm and work together with a bit of rope to make a good tent to curl up in with a sleeping bag.  

A good thing to have on those long, "winter has arrived" nights.

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