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Friday 11 December 2015

Ford V Trump

Hilarious, but not surprising that Donald Trump thinks real life is like the movies.  His own life, however, is a bit more Goodfellas than it is Air Force one.

FORD                                                               TRUMP

Humble                                                              Egomaniac
Puts the work before himself                             Sees all work as being about himself
Uses his resources for public service                 Uses people for personal service
Isn't a racist, misogynist prick                            Um, yeah
Has walked away from plane crashes                Is a walking disaster for America

Donald Trump is used to living in the sort of fictitious world reserved for the hyper-rich or for celluloid characters.  He thinks Michael Bay is a military strategist, not a movie maker.  He makes fun of veterans, though he's made a point of never serving himself.  

Trump is two-dimensional, cartoon villain - the kind Harrison Ford characters tend to beat on screen.

Wonder how many other pop-culture figures see the would-be president as less substantial than the characters they play?

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