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Saturday 17 January 2015

Harper's Enemy

Enemy.  The person you want to defeat in battle, or at the very least, not be defeated by.
Harper has a pat approach to his enemies - silence them, attack them hard, face them with as little profile as possible.
You don't need to know who they are - just what roles they fill.  You certainly don't want them knowing you.  And that, truly, is the only thing they want - to take you down and replace you or see you replaced with one of their own.
Which works well for Harper, since he believes he's smarter than all his foes anyway.
They do a lot of strategy in political war rooms, but at the end of day, those rooms are overflowing with men of peace.  Every decision has a partisan motive; the end goal is narrowly tied to their fortunes and, as such, their scope remains equally limited.
As we face an increasingly conflicted world and become drawn into these conflicts - and draw them into ourselves - it is unfortunate that there are so few men of war among our leaders.
As Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has played the game, nudged and broken rules and done a decent job of reshaping the country into one he's more comfortable facing each morning.  Those who would seize his throne from him have each been in defeated in turn.  
It's long since been about more than just the ideology.
Harper has shorted his country in countless ways, leaving us ill-equipped, unprepared by resource or collective conscience for what is to come.  Our democracy is sick at a time when it will face it's greatest challenge.
Yet the PM doesn't see this - he can't see this. 
Because Stephen Harper has never once in his life truly understood, nor loved, his greatest enemy.

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