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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Roosting Rabbits and Political HR

In hindsight, it'll be pretty easy to identify how these chickens came home to roost.  As  this story goes further and further down the rabbit hole we'll shake our head in confabulated shock at the fact that instead of focusing on poisoned people, we could have been taking lead out of the pipe. how political HR processes became a matter of contention and how that ties in to the broader challenges of our democratic deficit, open government, all the rest of it.  The common thread will remain the same.
In hindsight, there will be a couple of folk who will say to themselves, "man - all this stress and career-damage I'm facing now could have been prevented if I'd made a choice to be on the right side of the future instead of trying to defend the status quo."
Because they won't be able to feign surprise that this was coming. 
Of course, it's not too late yet.  As is the case with all conversions processes, you've got right up until it's too late to change your ways.

Isn't that always the truth?

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