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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jedem das Seine vs Do Unto Others

Del Mastro never thought ahead.  He never thought laterally.  His confidence was supreme - or was that his obliviousness?  He lived by the rule of laissez-faire; put yourself first and do what it takes to get yourself ahead.  Del Mastro was the PM's attack dog, not a bad lot to find one in life.  He took that bone and ran with it, assuming all else was justified because of his success.
And yet his actions have caught up with him, as they seem to be doing for many these days.
Lots of people our Prime Minister put entrusted with unsavoury responsibilities have come in to a bad light of late.  One wonders if he has any second thoughts about his judgment as a result.  I wouldn't be holding my breathe.
Harper, like Del Mastro, believes the notion of "to each his own" which, often as not, morphs into an abdication of responsibility and an emperor's cloak of righteousness.
When you deny society and frame the world as individuals in competition or, at best, transaction, it all comes down to what you can get.  This process dehumanizes others and makes all kinds of behaviours you wouldn't want to be on the receiving of permissible.
We die alone though, don't we?
Of course, we don't live alone - we live together.  We have no choice but to live together, which means a little bit of give has to do with the take.  In all the most effective organizations, there is a culture of collaboration, of giving back and belonging to with the cheerleader-in-chief being the leader.
Bosses see themselves as the top of the pyramid; leaders recognize their role as Atlas, lifting others up.  Even those who might not be on their "side" - because leaders don't recognize sides and aren't focused on wins.  They are visionaries, guides, conduits - that's what all leaders are.
Just something to think about.

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