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Sunday, 19 October 2014

TGIFTuesday - Inspired by TGF

I want you to join me.  Look at all the things that people built.  You might see a mess.  What I see are people inspired by each other, and by you.  People taking what you made and making something new out of it.
On Monday 27th/Tuesday 28th of October - seven days from now - the International Economic Forum of the Americas will be hosting their annual Toronto Global Forum.  Over those two days, world leaders will be convening to discuss the state of the world economy and where we go from here through the theme of Rethinking Growth.
Inspired by this forum, Wakata, Toronto Youth Cabinet, CSI and SiG@MaRS have gotten together and created our own, one-evening event, the Toronto Grassroots Innovation Forum.
Or as we've taken to calling it, TGIFTuesday: Rethinkng Growth from the Grassroots Up.
We're much smaller-scale, obviously, and what we're doing is as much a pilot project as anything else.  Part of our motivation comes from our belief that shared solutions have to grow from common ground, rather than be imposed from above
The TGF crowd have a great deal of clout, access to resources and international experience.  Our nascent TGIFTuesday group of virtual schemers have local experience, great ideas and a more hands-on familiarity with some of the individual and community challenges that can and must be overcome for the overall strength of local and global socio-economic stability.
We're happy to share our ideas, understanding and networks with potential partners.  We'd love to work hand-in-hand with the sorts of leaders convening in global forums to turn these ideas into action. 
We've been inspired by you, @AmericasForum - now allow us to return the favour.
You are all welcome to pop by TGIF Tuesday before you go back to your busy lives.  Our door is open!

Date: October 28, 2014
Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (doors open 5:30)
Location: CSI Regent Park  585 Dundas Street East, 3rd Floor Toronto ON M5A 2B7
And yes, we're huggers.  :o)


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