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Monday 27 January 2014

Competitive Workplaces Have Higher Rates of Presenteeism

Yes, I happen to agree with/have come to the same conclusions as Sinek, in this and other talks of his.  But we're not alone.  More than that, what we see has both anecdotal and evidence-based support.  The less secure and less fulfilling work is, the less effective your labour is - your presenteeism goes up and impacts both productivity and insurance.  You can double-down, put more pressure on your employees and sharpen your carrots and sticks, but the problem doesn't go away - it gets worse.

Yet how many bosses think that's the ticket to success?  About as many as see failed organizations, I'd warrant.

It's oxytocin vs. cortisol - strength of the whole through collaboration through self-interest by competition.  Put it another way - we live together or we die alone.

This confabulated contradiction grows worse as you move into social labour, networks and cognitive labour.  Meaning, it's a wall that absolutely must be broken through for success in the Knowledge Economy.  As the pressure mounts on the other end (can't go back to traditional manufacturing, Western Economies, no matter how much you cut) it's only a matter of time before that transition happens.

Or. leaders, you could get their faster and do it proactively.  I gurantee you'll feel better if you do.  So will your employees.  So will your clients.

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