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Friday 29 November 2013

The Folly of Entitlement #2: A Little Less Entitlement, A Little More Equity

I'm not a slick-talking lawyer, so the fine points of whatever legally and financially binding arrangement were in the contract that defined what earned Mazza his bonus are a bit beyond me.

I think it's fair to say, though, that given the financial and political mess he's gotten ORNG and the Government of Ontario into, he's not really entitled to anything.  In fact, there are still calls for him to be rotting in jail.

Of course, Mazza is just playing the game expected of the tough, sales-oriented, profit-driven mentality we're trying to foster at all levels of society - greed is good, it's supposed to hold opposing parties to account and land on fair value and proper scrutiny for all.  It's not Mazza's fault others aren't playing the same game, right?

Nor is it Mike Duffy's fault, Patrick Brazeau's fault, Pamela Wallin's fault, Rob Ford's fault, Peter Shurman's fault, Stephen Harper's fault or even David Dingwall's fault.  They are entitled to their entitlements, after all.  That's what it says on paper and whatever self-serving personal cherries they can put on top of their cakes, well, good on them for being aggressive, right?

Most people don't have the baseline requirements for life, much less the knowledge, contacts or resources required to become entitled.  They just want a little a little more equity, across the board.  

As people who used to live in comfort find their quality of life diminished through loss of job or inability to find steady work, the entitled people can continue to say "you people just need to work harder and sell more" all they want, just as they say they are entitled to their entitlements.

The 1% can delude themselves into thinking the masses are somnambulant and that wealth and status confers rights beyond what are afforded to the average citizen, but they're just blinding themselves to the bigger picture emerging.

Driving around with blinders on?  That's just crazy.

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