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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Make Business Humane

Seems a growing number of thinkers are describing the same elephant...


We Are Humans in Business

business performance, neuroscience, neuroscience in business, leadershipWe’ve all been taught to think logically and rationally in our business decisions. After all, we’re humans and our conscious, logical mind is under our control. We should use it appropriately. Look around you. You’ll see many examples of anything but logical business decisions.
We are humans in business.   But that doesn’t mean we are always logical and rational. Anything but. We bring all of our human programming to bear on our decisions, behaviors, motivations and beliefs in business.  And that includes our unconscious mindware. For example:
  • Take our action mindware – the programs designed through life experience that decides how we are motivated. If our action mindware has been programmed to be Toward something, we’ll need goals in business to motivate our action toward those goals.  If our action filter was programmed to be Away from things – we’ll need penalties, threats or the proverbial stick to get motivated.  Now think about leading teams with diverse action filters as part of their human mindware.
  • The there’s our values. If we’ve created high priority values focused on honor and integrity, we’ll make decisions based on those criteria.  If our priority value is winning, we’re make decisions based on that criteria. That certainly explains a lot about business in our world today, now doesn’t it? And that’s only one of hundreds of value choices.
  • Now let’s look at our personal beliefs. If we were taught as children that we can’t think quickly, we’ll make slow decisions and probably believe that someone else should do the thinking because we are “slow.”   If we were taught that we were ahead of others in our mental processing, we’ll be confident in our ability to process information and lead the decision making. But what if we can be quick and thorough in our thinking – and only that limited program is preventing us from doing just that?
These examples could go on and on. By now you have the point.

We are Humans Wherever We Go

Our unconscious mind drives ~ 95% of our behaviors and decisions. It doesn’t suddenly say, “Wow, this I is a business decision so I’ll only use some logical business program to make a logical decision.”   It doesn’t have a separate program for business vs personal decisions.   We’re simply not built that way.
That’s why I think it’s so important to understand our minds. To learn and use the amazing new practices we are discovering that allow us to upgrade our mindware. Who doesn’t want to step into their own limitless potential?
  • Being able to ditch  the limiting decisions about yourself  and your business’ capabilities  to step into new perspectives and opportunities
  • Shifting  the thinking and behavioral habits you’d rather not have into the exact thought patterns and behaviors you desire.
  • Having clear and compelling communications with customers, prospects, teams and managers.
  • Understanding prospect’s  programming when it comes to buying decisions, empowering you to better map your value to their needs.
This and more is possible. Right now.
That’s why I think neuroscience is so important. We can all upgrade our minds to step into our limitless potential in business and in life. How cool is that?
On Wednesday we’ll chat a bit about how to recognize our humanness in business with a couple of my personal examples.

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