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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Jer's Vision a Great Example of Social Entrepreneurship


There are those who think that the only real solution to bullying is for kids to learn to stand up for themselves, knock the bully in the nose and be done with it.  It's really really hoping that people empower themselves but doing nothing to nurture the process.  Others believe in the corrective carrot method - punishing bad behaviour is the best way to eliminate it.
The same crowd that frowns on thug-hugging tend to be think the entrepreneurial spirit is the best economic engine; all government has to do is get out of the way and reduce impediments to entrepreneurs and they'll emerge on their own, fully-formed and ready to take on the world with their dedication, ideas and salesmanship.
So what happens when the entrepreneurial spirit is embodied by proactive youth who create a world phenomenon with an initiative designed to actively support bullied peers?  That's what Jer's Vision is.  A group of kids were motivated by the loss of a friend, a loss that could have been prevented if someone had reached out a hand or lent a shoulder earlier.  It's a powerful message that resonates, globally.
Its also a youth-driven initiative that uses the power of community to address a problem that targets individuals but has broader, social impact.  Left to their own devices by people who really, really wanted them to succeed on their own, these kids banded together and provided a positive solution that focuses on education, resilience-building and empathy - not punishment.
The children shall lead, indeed - question is, are some adults too set in their ways to follow?

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