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Thursday 27 March 2014

The Floodamental Question

More to the point - what parent would ask such a sacrifice of their own children? 

Religions on the whole are rife with variants on the same principle - The Creator building the world out of blocks, not liking the end result, breaking everything down and starting again.

This is a Creator that demands immutable perfection and dependence, requiring his constructs to pay homage.

But then there's this whole thing about God the (strict) Father.  

As a parent, it is always, always my goal to ensure my children develop their independence.  I don't want to tell them why they need me - I want them to go forth and confidently create on their own.

It's more than a little ironic that questions like this are being raised at a time when the world over, people are questioning their confidence in government as unassailable leader.  It's a movement we've seen before, but this time, it's even wider-reaching.

Which is why I wonder sometimes if we've got things backwards.

When the Master's work is done, the people say: "Amazing, we did it all by ourselves!"

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