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Tuesday 4 February 2014

A Stopped Clock and Doug Ford

If you message enough, you're bound to land on the truth, even if by accident.
Toronto has 44 Wards.  Councillors run in individual Wards and therefore should be spending their time trying to build support among those voters who will hopefully vote for them.
As Mayor/Mayoral candidate, Rob Ford is running for the whole shebang - he wants a majority of votes from all over the GTA.  He doesn't need them all to win, though - just more than the next gal or guy.  He therefore doesn't need to win support in every Ward, just enough Wards based on the internal math (assuming it's better math than Ford's financial measurements) of his campaign team.
So technically Ford can have ten times more support than any one Councillor, equating to broad support in 10 Wards, but still have little to know support in 34 additional Wards.
You're welcome.

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