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Friday 7 February 2014

Andrea Horwath's Test of Principles

Out of power for a very long time, the NDP have been the first to decry the hyper-partisan, hyper-competitive and manipulative nature of our political system.  The PM takes a trip to Israel at a time that's convenient for a provincial byelection?  Gas plants, fake lakes, Senator fundraisers?  They point their fingers and shout "corruption!"

It's political posturing, of course; it's easy to attack the methodology of the winners.  What's harder to do is, when you can taste win - and possibly big wins - in the offings, do you adopt that methodology yourself?

So far, it looks like Horwath's principles are open to negotiation, so long as game-playing wins are on the table.

I would encourage her campaign team, but especially her as leader to thing a bit bigger than just their electoral standing.  People have lost faith in our political system because, for good reason, they feel like all politicians and Parties are the same, doing whatever it takes to win in increasingly ham-handed fashion.

A lot of votes that may go to the NDP right now are protest votes, being cast against rather than for.  If Horwath succumbs to the cynicism of some of her team and peers, she will immediately become part of the problem Canadians are trying to reject.

It's about accomplishment, people.  Never let that destination be obscured by the win.

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