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Monday 2 November 2015

Do You Have the Traits of a Successful Leader?

26 habits of highly successful leaders

Let's see how I fare, shall we?

1. They have a definite purpose.   I'd say that applies!

2. They know their motives.           Down to the neurochemical level.

3. They surround themselves with people smarter than them.         There's no one standard definition of smart, but yeah - I'm always seeking out people I can learn from.

4. They are self-reliant.         It's not the years that prove this one, so much as the mileage!

5. They have self-control.     I'd say this one is delectably true...

6. They are persistent.         Yep!  I'm a social gardener, after all.

7. They find productive uses for their creativity.        Indeed...

8. They are decisive.         I believe in Einstein's bit about spending most of your time analyszing, but when a decision is made, it's made - until the situation calls for adaptation.  Harper was decisive, where did it get him?

9. They gather information before reaching conclusions.        Back to what I said in 8.

10. They can control their enthusiasm.        You might not think this applies, but it does.  Frightening concept, no?

11. They are open minded.        I'm @opencce for a reason!

12. They always do more than expected.           It's called value add.  For me, the issue isn't how high to jump, it's often where to stop.

13. They are diplomatic.        I do try!

14. They listen more than they speak.        Umm... maybe?

15. They pay attention to details.          Obsessively, possibly compulsively.

16. They can take criticism.               I worked in politics - it comes with the territory!

17. They are loyal.            Often to a fault, alas.

18. They are incredibly charismatic.            Moderately charming, I would say, depending on my mood.  Certainly I'm no Trudeau though.

19. They are focused.              Hyper-focused, though that's a hard-learned skill.

20. They learn from their mistakes.           And your mistakes, too!

21. They accept responsibility for their subordinates’ failures. The fish stinks from the head.

22. They praise the achievements of others.            One of the things that gives me greatest joy in life.

23. They treat others the way they’d like to be treated.           Do unto others, lead by example, etc.

24. They maintain a positive attitude.               Not always, but I try to keep my negative moments for myself.  People don't look to us for despair - they can despair on their own.

25. They don’t make excuses.           Never for myself, but I've been known to get defensive about others.

26. They focus on what they want.         Not sure about this one.

Anyway, that's me - what are your results like?

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