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Friday 23 January 2015

Pouring Gas on the Fire: Harper's Tough on Crime Strategy Backfires

Federal prisons are potential breeding grounds for Islamist radicalization and the government and correctional system are doing little to confront the public safety risk, experts warn.

Fear has always been a favoured hammer in the toolbox of the political right.  Security, justice in the punitive sense - you need a tough hand to smack down the bad guys.  Not this hopey, changey, hug-a-thug nonsense the left favours.

So we've had new enemies to fear, new crimes to enforce and more prison capacity to lock people up in, almost as political collateral.

It all made so much sense to the back-room pundits who were looking for low-hanging political fruit to offer the people.

Our prisons aren't corrections facilities; they're colonies for the banished.

What's happening now - the challenges that are starting to emerge, publicly, like a cancer finally ministering sores on the skin of society - could have been avoided.

And yet somehow, I don't see Team Harper changing course at this point in history.  Not when they've got their critical path to follow.

Forgive them, lord, they know now what they do - but man, we aren't getting out of this by waiting for someone else.


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