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Friday 9 January 2015

Canary in the Counter-Regime Coal Mine?

This is a very interesting statement, one which need not be applied solely to Extremist Islam.  Communism was about a counter-regime, as were the French and America revolutions.  The Open Gov movement has something of a counter-regime vibe to it, as do movements like the Tea Party and Occupy.
Then there's this:
Do leaders wrap themselves in the flag, try to co-opt or replace national symbols, make it feel like they are the natural governing party?  Of course they do.
And finally:
How do you define authoritarian?
Does irrational discourse do things like ignore evidence in favour of ideological positions?
Have different forms of clamping down oppositional voices been introduced in countries closer to and including home?
I wonder if we're looking at outliers, or a global trend.

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