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Saturday 29 November 2014

Remember: We Asked for This

Pierre Karl Peladeau is a success story.  He's got a ton of money, he's got a strong record of private sector success, and he's clearly hungry for the job. 
That's what we want, right?  Leaders capable of getting things done, of building an enterprise, who have the fortitude to push for what they want?  Clearly, these aggressive, win-focused types are the ones who will give us what we want to win political office, because that's the way democracy is supposed to work.
It is more than a little frustrating, but equally as difficult to change.  We look for leaders with the qualifications to be alpha males and protect/provide for the herd.  But we aren't a herd, and what we should want are leaders who are better at committing sociology than they are at tearing down opponents.
How often have we heard that our social model is broken - yet we look to status-quo leaders to set things right?  How often has it been said that our economy is broken - but instead of looking at culture change, we're trying to pressure more powerless people to act like the powerful ones who broke the system in the first place?
We practice Objectivism and, whatever we say out loud, apparently have bought into the anti-community idea of individuals as islands. 
We get mad at opportunistic self-promoters and schemers, yet we don't change the game.
When we don't get the results we want, we have only ourselves to blame.  So, if we want change, don't get mad at someone else - we have to roll up our sleeves together.


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