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Tuesday 25 March 2014


 On the road to damascus
It could all be an act to humanize his brand for public consumption, but that doesn't feel right to me.  Warren Kinsella does enough of this soul-baring flagellation that it makes a lot more sense that this is a bit of Catholic guilt bubbling to the surface.
Perhaps it's odd to say this, but I feel that this self-described Prince of Darkness is fundamentally a good man, with a great capacity to do good.  He is a fighter, undoubtedly, but he's an artist and a philosopher as well.  These different facets don't need to be at odds with each other - they can be harnessed into one powerful answer to the collective challenges we face.
When I wrote my pitch for a Question TV show, it was Kinsella that served as my model for Vic Sage.  As his journey plays out, we'll see which aspect dominates, if one should come to do so - the guy who believes in stepping on the throats of opponents or the guy that believes Jesus would have walked with the Occupy crowd and would have been down on the streets with Him.
Part of the thing, I think, is that partisan politics by its nature brings out the competitiveness in people.  It's us or them, not both.  Picking fights and winning battles are what matters - not sustainable solutions.  Politics by its nature appeals to the worse angels of our nature.
But there are other ways, better ways to effect change and nurture a responsible society.  They may be slower, less seductive and self-validating, but they are meant to endure.
It's a door that's open.  As any good Catholic will tell you, though, it takes a leap of faith and an act of trust to step into the light beyond.
That door will always be open, waiting.

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