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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Well Worded by Ivison

It's absolutely true, too - in much the same way as the Harper Conservatives have written checks for parents with kids and given money for the burial of veterans, they are always about the money.  They're proud of being economists, after all.
But affordable isn't the same as equitable, and economics isn't behavioural economics.
Flaherty legitimately does care about persons with disabilities for reasons both familial and family friendial.  I have no doubt that, in his heart of heart, he believes that money measures are really the only way to go.
But what of services?  What about social-emotional support for burned-out parents or persons with mental illness?  What about training or incentives for employers to hire persons with disabilities and understand it as good business, not charity?
Team Harper still has an opportunity to go big on this score before the election; one carefully-crafted plan could empower individuals, give more flexibility to the private sector, assist in reducing healthcare costs and present an issue the Opposition would be hard pressed to stand against.
They won't, though.  When you're focused on the money, it's almost impossible to see the innovative solution.

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