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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Captain Phasma For Halloween

It's one of those standards - when a costume is designed for a man, it emphasizes beefy.  When the same concept is repurposed for a woman, it's made sexy.

Even when it's a character like Spiderman, who's lithe in the comic books - the boy's get beefed up:

And the girls get sexed up:

But that's not fair, right?  I used a kid's picture for the boy and an adult picture for the girl.  Well then, how about this?

Boy = tough, girl = sexy.

Even when it's something like armour.

Look at Boba Fett's armour, as it appeared in the movie:

And a female version for Halloween:

Everything hugs.  The armour plates - which would be functional in the original - changed.  Spandex is added.  And that's a tame one:

You can say this is what the market wants, or it's what men want, or it's all that's available.  The point is, the trend exists - men's outfits repurposed for women get sexed up to some degree or another.

Which begs the question - what will Captain Phasma's Haloween outfits look like as the character, a woman in armour, gains traction post-Force Awakens release?

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