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Sunday 23 November 2014

The Horror, the Design-Thought Horror

This from the design of a video game.  Though why should we think of it as just a video game?  We don't question the amount of emotional truth and narrative planning that can go into a Hollywood movie any more, do we?
Entertainment of all kinds is stretching its fine-motor muscles, exploring the ketchup-world of multi-sensory experience - and as an audience, we're increasingly demanding this.
Yes, there is still a strong appetite for Sun News and bad talk-radio, but more and more, we want experiences rather than cheap emotional tugs.
There's a bigger narrative emerging here that is, undoubtedly, a frightening one.  A bright white canvass of the unknown awaits us, one that is about more than survival, more than quick, selfish thrills.
The horror, indeed.

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